Each Touch Hand is built up by the amputee and is uniquely suited to their specific needs.


Each component is sold separately, and therefore the amputee only needs to pay for the components that they need and use.


Each component can be upgraded separately, meaning that it is easy and affordable to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.


The Touch Hand uses low-cost approaches to bring the Touch Hand to you at a 10th of the price of comparable prosthetic hands.


All of the weight of the Touch Hand has been moved out of the hand. This means no-more end-heavy and uncomfortable prosthetic hand.


This is the base of any Touch Hand, the hand is light-weight and consists of 4 fingers and a thumb, just like any hand. The 3D printing means that the Touch Hand is low-cost and can be printed to exactly match your body size. Children can get new hands printed every year to match their growth! All other modules and features can be added, removed and upgraded simply and easily to the base Touch Hand.


An option for everyone !

No matter your choice, each option can be upgraded at anytime.


The Touch Hand works with any standard body-harness to allow for a familiar, ultra-low-cost solution. The Touch Hand comes with a simple cable connection to allow all five fingers to be drive by a single cable for opening and closing.


The robotic hand gives you access to cutting edge technology at a 10th of the price!


  • Batteries

The number of batteries allows you to choose between weight and battery life of your prosthetic hand. These batteries can be placed either in the prosthetic socket or carried anywhere else that is comfortable to you.

  • Motors

The Touch Hand’s modularity really shines with the range of motor options. You can choose between weight, power and dexterity, finding the solution that best meets your needs. The Touch Hand can operate simply as an opening and closing up to full, life-like dexterity, allowing each finger to move individually.

  • Electronics

At the heart (or brain) of any robot, sits the electronics. The Touch Hand motherboard allows for easy plug and play connections of motors, batteries and sensors. This means that your hand is easily assembled, and can be modified and upgraded simply and easily.

  • Muscle Sensors

Our low-cost muscle sensors allow you to naturally control your prosthetic hand. You can choose between simplicity and complexity, finding a solution that suits your needs and abilities.


Technology is always improving, and the Touch Hand is no exception. We are currently developing state-of-the-art hand sensors and sensory feedback that will give your Touch Hand the sense of touch! All Touch Hands are designed to be forward compatible, meaning that you can add these advanced features to your Touch Hand as soon as they become available.

  • Hand Sensors

It is important for your Touch Hand to feel. Touch Prosthetics is developing grip force sensors, so that you can know just how tightly you are squeezing that egg or grape. Temperature sensors will allow you to not only sense dangerous heat that can potentially damage your Touch Hand or harm yourself, but also give you the convenience of knowing that your favourite cold beverage is actually ice-cold or your cup of tea is nice and hot!

  • Sensory Feedback

With all that fancy sensory information, it is necessary to know what your hand is feeling. This is possible by using Touch Hands vibrational sensory feedback system. Along with training software, you will learn to interpret these vibrations as meaningful information, giving you a sense of touch through your Touch Hand.



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