The Touch Hand

The base of any Touch Hand is its low cost, highly customizable, upgradable and modular design consisting of controllable fingers and thumb which make it look and feel as real as possible. The 3D printing means that the Touch Hand is low-cost and can be printed to suit your unique needs.


The Touch Hand is innovatively designed to provide a quality and realistic experience at a consumer friendly price.


Each Touch Hand is specifically made for each amputee and is uniquely suited to their specific needs with different choices in batteries, motors and the other electronic components.


Each component can be upgraded separately, meaning that it is easy and affordable to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.


Each component is sold separately, and therefore if a component gets damaged the amputee only needs to replace the damaged component and not the entire Touch Hand.


While focusing on the more significant aspects of a prosthetic hand, The Touch Hand is Being Continuously optimized to enable a more realistic experience.

There’s An Option For Everyone!

The Touch Hand is available in multiple variations and is customizable to suit your unique needs.

Touch Hand Key Components

The Touch Hand gives you access to cutting edge technology at a consumer friendly price! Below are the key components of the Touch Hand.

  • Batteries
  • Motors
  • Electronics (Motherboard)
  • Muscle Sensors

Future Endeavours

Technology is always improving, and the Touch Hand is no exception. We are currently developing state-of-the-art hand sensors and sensory feedback that will give your Touch Hand the sense of touch!

Below Are Links to previous versions of the Touch Hand to show our development over the years.

Touch Hand 2 Motion


Touch Hand featured on SABC news – 29 October 2013